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Wachal Pet Health Center is the place to visit for everything from cat vaccinations to doggie dental cleaning and more. Our dedicated staff and state-of-the-art facility provide a safe, friendly place for your pet's veterinary care. Naturally, we don't expect you to just take our word for that, so we've shared some of the feedback our customers have given us over time with you here. Feel free to browse the comments, and see what other people are saying about the services we provide.


"Dr. Wachal and his staff have been a blessing to us. They have assisted in saving the life of our Black Labrador named Rizzo. In 2004, Rizzo became ill after secretly devouring a plate of chocolate; which required an emergency vet visit. Dr. Wachal determined that she had a heart condition and didn't expect her to survive. He treated her and also recommended follow-up at the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine. Under Dr. Wachal's supervision, Rizzo survived and was placed on heart medication, presumably for the rest of her life. Dr. Wachal watches over her and checks her heart condition periodically to make sure that it's stabilized. She is still a crazy lab that loves to run, jump, and play fetch all day long. She has overcome all of her heart problems and is no longer on medication! As she has gotten older, she has recently started having problems with her knees and legs. Dr. Wachal is again monitoring this and assisting with her healing. She was placed on prescription dog food and is back to running two miles again! Dr. Wachal is a very caring, knowledgeable, and generous veterinarian who goes out of his way to help his patients. Also, the staff at Wachal Pet Health Center always greet Rizzo with a smile and a treat! Rizzo is very fortunate to have such a caring and knowledgeable veterinarian in her life! It's very reassuring to have Rizzo in Dr. Wachal's care. She is such an important part of our lives. Thanks Dr. Wachal!" 
-Alex, Lynette, and Rizzo

"Dr. Wachal and his staff have taken care of me like part of their family for 12 yrs. Through 2 surgeries, multiple boarding stays, and several visits for doggie mischief problems, I have always felt safe, loved, and secure. My "mom" knows she can trust Wachal Pet Health Center to care for me when she's out of town, and put my well being first." 
-Trooper (and Jennie) - 12 yr. old Weimeraner

"Our family has used the services of Wachal Pet Health Center for around 13 years. We have had 3 dogs and 3 to 5 cats during this time frame, and all have or are currently living long and happy lives due in part to the great care they've received from Dr. Mark Wachal&Dr. Dean Frey. Our animals mean a lot to us so we are so glad to have Dr's. and staff who treat our pets like their's. We have had pets who have passed away or we've had to make the difficult decision to have them put down. Dr. Wachal and staff could not have been more sensitive to us and we are so grateful."
-Mike & Deb Jeffers - Raymond, NE

People are saying...

"We would like to express our appreciation to Dr's. Wachal and Frey and the entire staff of the Wachal Pet Health Center for the excellent care they have afforded out four cats. Mitten's is over 21 years old and has kidney problems. She needs fluids twice a week. The entire staff have been very flexible and accommodating in getting her in and are also very reasonable. Our other three cats, a feral mother cat we adopted and two of her five kittens, have been spayed and neutered at the Wachal Pet Health Center and received all their vaccinations. They have always received excellent treatment. They also always send us reminders and remind us when we are in when check ups and vaccinations are due. We very much appreciate the service we receive."
-Ron & Nancy Schwarzenbach

The people at Wachal Pet Health Center are friendly, helpful, thorough and care as much about you as they do your pets.
-Steve O.

"A testimony to kindness and dedication to animals.........
..acknowledging the animals before the owners
..recognizing each special creature
..calling each visitor by name
..showing excitement and enthusiasm with each greeting
..sharing some love
..giving professional care
..being honest with diagnoses
..maintaining a positive approach to service and healing
..respecting human/animal bond
..being patient
..giving specific directions for care
..calling to check in on patient progress
..knowing when to call for additional help
..allowing time for goodbyes

These are some of the reasons that after many years and many special animal friends I continue to entrust the health and welfare of my pets to Dr. Wachal, Dr. Frey and the special staff at the clinic."
-Jan Callahan - Pleasant Dale, NE

And more feedback...

"We just wanted to let everyone know that we enjoy our visits. We are always greeted by cheery voices, hugs, and lavish praise!! We know we are special because everyone knows our names and gives us treats if we are good! The ladies spoil us!! The doctors are soft spoken and kind to us and even warn us when there is going to be a little sting from a needle. When we get hurt they find a way to help us feel better. We notice that the doctors and staff help our people feel good about things and teach them how to care for us when we go home. We wish all of our brothers and sisters could receive such good care."
-Bo, Boomer, CHEWIE, Frankie, Kia, Rascal, Solo, Sweet Pea, and Tres....... Pleasant Dale, NE

"Dr. Wachal met Scout about three days after we had brought her home from the humane society. She was not in the best health when we brought her home, but with some TLC and good advice from Dr. Wachal and Dr. Frey, Scout has been with us now for over 10 years! It is comforting to know that Scout is in good hands when we take her to Wachal Pet Health Center. From the moment we walk in the door until the moment we leave, Scout is pampered by the staff! There have been several times that we have called for advice regarding different symptoms that have come up over the years. Without hesitation, we are given answers to our questions. We are especially pleased that Scout is still with us today! On Christmas Eve of 2007, Scout became very ill. Immediately, Dr. Wachal and Dr. Frey were able to get us in for an appointment. After a thorough examination and lab workup, we found out she had kidney failure. We were given several different options to consider for treatment. We were given ample time to weigh the options presented to us and when we were ready to make a commitment to one of the treatment plans, it was thoroughly explained and we proceeded. Scout's prognosis was not very promising at first. We never thought she would have been with us now a year later! She is as healthy and happy as ever! We feel very fortunate her veterinarians were able to correctly diagnose her and successfully treat her!"

"I have known and worked with Dr. Wachal and his staff for the past several years as they cared for our pets. The Doctor and the staff were always ready to answer questions and to discuss the needs of our pets as well as plans to help with any problems we had. They are good people.

My Siamese Cat, Little Bit, was a frequent boarder at the Wachal Pet Health Center. If Little Bit could, he would probably have his say about the place, too. He would want you to know that whenever he was there for either a test or treatment or exam, he was treated with care and gentleness. Everyone at the Pet Health Center understood how important Little Bit was to me and as their mission, they treated him with great care. As to his time as a boarder, he would probably say: "Many times and always, someone was there to talk to me and give me some TLC. (Being a Siamese Cat, I talked a lot to them, too). The staff became a part of my extended family. They are good people."
-Marcella Azaroff Lincoln, NE
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