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If you're searching for a veterinarian with experience in the Lincoln area, contact Wachal Pet Health Center today. Our fully equipped facility, excellent staff, and caring attitude make visiting the vet a good experience for you and your pet. We take the time to get to know each and every person and animal that we serve, and we do it because we want to serve you to the very best of our abilities. Our years of expertise and our welcoming attitude are just some of the reasons people bring their beloved pets to us for care. Get in touch to schedule a visit!
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Who we are

The Wachal Pet Health Center is a full service clinic for pet health care. The practice was established in 1996 by Dr. Mark and Jane Wachal, to offer the area quality health care for pets. Our skilled doctors, knowledgeable technical staff and courteous support staff are ready to professionally serve you and your pet. We are proud to have served this community for over a decade and look forward to the continued opportunity to do so...we care!

Our facility

Our recently remodeled 3,300 SQ Ft facility is well equipped to provide state-of-the-art veterinary care in a clean and caring environment. Recent improvements to our practice include: digital radiography, laser surgery, in-clinic laboratory testing and improved anesthetic monitoring, to name just a few things. We have also added acupuncture treatments for certain medical issues, as well as for health maintenance. Contact us to learn more.

Get in touch

Wachal Pet Health Center welcomes new patients to our clinic on and ongoing basis. Please contact our team in Lincoln to make an appointment, or to ask about a specific service or offering. We are full service, so we can handle everything from vaccinations to grooming. Call now for assistance.
Wachal Pet Health Center
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